How to Pronounce US Cities & States

How to Pronounce US Cities & States

How to Pronounce US Cities & States

How to Pronounce US Cities & States

Most non native speakers of American English never learned to pronounce US cities & states clearly and correctly.

One Easy Rule

Here’s one easy rule you need to use when pronouncing US cities and states.

1. When saying a city name with two words, stress the second word more than the first.

Here are are few examples:

  • New York ~ stress York
  • North Carolina ~ stress Carolina
  • Miami Beach ~stress Beach
  • United States ~stress States 

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2. When saying a city followed by a state, stress the state more than the city.

  • Chicago, Illinois ~ stress Illinois 
  • Los Angeles, California ~stress California
  • Atlanta, Georgia ~stress Georgia 
  • Edison, New Jersey~stress Jersey 

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Stress is Really Important!

American English is a stress timed language.

That means that you need to stress words correctly if you want native speakers to understand you.

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.