How to say sentences clearly in English

How to say sentences clearly in English

Speak clearly in American English

Speak clearly in American English

When it comes to spoken American English, all words are not equal.

That’s because some words are stressed or emphasized.

Other words are not stressed.

You need to know that if you want to speak American English clearly.

Which words are stressed?

Pronunciation textbooks refer to stressed words as content words & focus words.

These content & focus words are usually
1. nouns
2. verbs
3. adjectives

That’s because nouns, verbs & adjectives are most critical to the meaning of a sentence.

Which words are unstressed?

Unstressed words are often referred to as function words.

Function words are typically articles, conjunctions and prepositions.

It’s about the melody

When you’re speaking American English, the combination of stressed content & focus words + unstressed function words creates a rhythm or melody that American born people like to hear. ♬

Using stress correctly will help you speak English more clearly and with a better melody!

Learn the rules for clear spoken American English

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