I have a problem with my R sound

I have a problem with my R sound

The American R Sound

The American R Sound

During my initial conversations with my accent reduction coaching clients, many of them tell me

Susan, I have a problem with my R sound. If I can just fix my R sound, my American accent will be a lot better.

And that’s true!

Many of my clients need to work on the articulation of their /r/ sound.


The R is not your biggest problem!

Even if your R is not completely standard, for most of you, it’s not the biggest contributor to your foreign accent.

Of course you want to say the R sound as clearly as possible…but it’s probably a secondary issue.

American English stress & intonation is key

In order to speak American English in a way that others can understand, you should first master American stress and intonation patterns.

Why stress & intonation?

Research shows

Research shows that people who learned to use the melodic features of American English, such as stress and intonation, improved their speech faster that people who focused on learning vowel & consonant sounds.

Focusing on individual sounds, like the sound of R will help you. But you won’t make noticeable changes very quickly.

Work on your vowel & consonant sounds

In order to speak clear American English you should by all means learn to use the correct vowel & consonant sounds.

But remember that using the correct syllable stress & intonation will make your American speech sound comprehensible and familiar to native listeners.