I sound like a robot when I speak English

A brilliant guy

I sound like a robot when I speak English

I sound like a robot when I speak English

Over the past weekend, I met with one of my accent reduction coaching clients. He’s a brilliant guy with an MBA from a top school in the US.

  • His vocabulary is amazing.
  • His grammar is perfect.
  • His articulation of American English vowel & consonant sounds is better than most peoples’.

But he’s still experiencing challenges when it comes to communicating effectively with North Americans.

Can you guess why?

Over pronunciation

Believe it or not, a challenge that many non native speakers have is  over pronouncing American English.

They articulate every vowel and consonant sound clearly. The say every word in a sentence with emphasis. Ouch!

Over pronouncing sounds and words will make your English sound choppy and difficult to listen to.

And this is what’s happening to my client. He pronounces many sounds and words too clearly. It makes his speech sound mechanical.

You may find this hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true!

Native speakers use reduced speech

Native speakers don’t articulate every sound clearly.  We don’t emphasize every single word in a sentence.

For example:

– We use tapped, held and silent T sounds

– We the reduced schwa vowel sound /ə/

– We speak using contractions

– We only emphasize important words in sentences

Smooth & engaging speech

When you speak American English using the tapped, held and silent T sounds, the schwa vowel sound, contractions and focus word emphasis your speech will sound smooth and engaging.

If you articulate every sound and word clearly and distinctly, your English won’t sound natural.

You’ll sound like a robot. People won’t always be able to connect with you.

I can show you how

If you’re an international professional who wants to find out how Americans really speak English, take one of my free trial lessons by following the link below.

My training programs will teach you how speak American English in a way that your colleagues will respect and understand!

You don’t want to sound like a robot. You want to connect with people and share your ideas. I can teach you to do that!

About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.