I want my American accent to be perfect

I want my American accent to be perfect

I want my American accent to be perfect

I want my American accent to be perfect

When I meet my clients for the first time, many of them tell me….

Susan, I want my American accent to be perfect.

I never promise anyone that they’ll achieve that.

You can be a great speaker without being perfect

The truth is that you can be a great speaker of American English. And being a great speaker doesn’t mean you have to say every sound perfectly.

If you speak clearly, with a nice pace and friendly intonation, Americans will love you!

Why it’s so hard to speak perfectly

One big reason why it’s hard for non native speakers to speak English perfectly is because  American English spelling doesn’t always indicate how to pronounce a word.

Two examples

Two examples of this can be found in the frequently mispronounced words

  • suggestions
  • questions

In these two words, the letter combination /t/ + /i/ sounds like /ʤ/.

The second g in the word suggestions also has a /ʤ/ sound.

That means you should say….

  • sugʤesʤənz (with 2 /ʤ/ sounds)
  • quesʤənz (with 1 /ʤ/ sound)

…..if you want to say these words in  perfectly correct American English!

Listen here


Accent reduction coaching

Most of the people who I work with in my accent reduction coaching program want to speak as clearly and correctly as possible.

If you’re one of these people, you should consider some personal accent training.

Coaching won’t make you sound perfect…although some of my clients are pretty close…but you WILL make noticeable changes to the way you speak.