Indian English Speakers & the W Sound

Indian English speakers & the W sound

In my accent reduction coaching program, I have the pleasure of working with many professionals from South Asia.

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Indian English Speakers & the W Sound

One American English pronunciation challenge that they encounter is pronouncing a clear /w/ sound.

Indian English speakers don’t round their lips enough to make a clear /w/ sound. While this rarely creates breakdowns in communication, it does make some words sound non-standard.

Round your lips

To make a nice clear American English /w/ sound you must round your lips and push them slightly forward.

Now try to say these 5 words with rounded lips.

  • Wednesday
  • will
  • week
  • web
  • woman

Your teeth should not be touching your lips at all for the American /w/sound.

It’s not easy at first. But everyone can learn to say a clear, round /w/ sound with practice.

I teach you how to articulate  and practice a clear American /w/ sound in my American English Communication for Indians course.

Course Content

The course contains 42 audio lessons, 8 quizzes and 4 video case studies that will teach you to speak American English more clearly.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to use syllable stress to pronounce words in a way that Americans will understand
  • How to speak with the right pace
  • How to pronounce the 15 American English vowel sounds
  • How to pronounce American names & place names
  • How to pronounce numbers clearly and effectively
  • How to ask questions correctly
  • How to speak at a pace that allows American listeners to understand you
  • How to pronounce the TH sounds & the W sound
  • How to make “small talk” using friendly intonation
  • How to speak “on the job” using friendly intonation

Follow the link below to learn more about this very affordable and easy to use course developed specifically for Indian English speakers.

American English Communication for Indians

Free trial lessons are available for you!

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction & American English communication coach. Email her at with your questions about speaking clear American English.