iPad book for the American Accent

iPad book for the American Accent

In my iPad book, I teach you the fundamentals of the American accent using a format that’s fun to use and super easy to understand.

  1. Each lesson in my iBook builds on the previous lesson.
  2. That means that your knowledge grows with each chapter.
  3. Each chapter includes a QUIZ to help you assess your understanding.

No CDs or extraneous audio files

There’s no need for CDs or extra mp3 files. That’s because the audio is built right in to the book!

It’s compact and very convenient!

Check it out here.
American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

You can download the first chapter for FREE in the iBookstore.

Accent elimination

Will my book help you eliminate your accent?


And I don’t know of a method, besides personal coaching, that may teach you to eliminate your accent.

However,  my iPad book WILL help you learn the fundamentals of the American accent…it’s an easy way to get started!