Is Accent Elimination Possible?

Is Accent Elimination Possible?

Is accent elimination possible?

Is accent elimination possible?

Many people ask me if it’s possible to eliminate their foreign accent.

That’s a very good question!

Can you totally eliminate your native accent and speak like you were born in America?

My answer is…. probably not.

Besides, it’s not necessary! You don’t need to eliminate your accent in order to speak in a way that Americans will understand.

What you CAN do

What you can do, if you get some training, is modify your accent so that others will understand you more easily.

  • For Spanish & Chinese speakers this includes pronouncing ed & /z/ sounds clearly.
  • For Indian English speakers this means learning to use syllable stress correctly.
  • For Japanese & Russian speakers this means use American English intonation patterns correctly.

You’ll need some help

You can modify your accent so that others will understand you more easily. But you’ll need some help.

Here’s one step you can take to start learning right away:

  1. Take an accent reduction course

Accent reduction courses are an excellent first step for people who are ready to improve the way they communicate.

Improve more quickly

If you need to make noticeable improvements in a shorter period of time, your best option is  accent reduction coaching.

An accent reduction coach, like myself, can help you change the features of your current pronunciation that are creating breakdowns in communication.

You probably won’t eliminate your accent.

Don’t believe the marketing hype that tells you that.

But you can learn to speak American English in a manner that’s clear and engaging!

Accent reduction coaching

I can help you make noticeable changes to the way you speak American English.

Read about my accent reduction coaching here if you are serious about improving your American English communication skills!

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I’m happy to answer all your accent related questions!

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