Make your words sound clear to Americans

American English pronunciation is complicated.

Make your words sound clear to Americans

Make your words sound clear to Americans

There are many features to consider studying:

  • vowel sounds
  • consonant sounds
  • syllable stress
  • intonation

But it you want to make your words sound clear to Americans as fast as possible, I recommend that you start by learning  the rules for syllable stress.

Here’s why

In American English every word with multiple syllables has a stressed syllable.

Stressed syllables are emphasized.

The vowels in stressed syllables are long and strong.

Native speakers listen for syllable stress

Native speakers need to hear stressed syllables in order to understand words.

Here’s my first example

Americans expect most two syllable nouns to be stressed on the first syllable.

Not on the second syllable, on the FIRST syllable.

When you stress the first syllable in the words below you’ll sound clear to Americans.

  1. WAter
  2. PIZza
  3. DAta
  4. USers
  5. PROduct
  6. MObile
  7. Apple
  8. Google

Stress the vowel in the first syllable. Reduce the vowel sound in the second syllable.

Listen here


Here’s my second example

Compound nouns have the same pattern. However, the second syllable is not quite as reduced.

  1. FACEbook
  2. YOUtube
  3. SOFTware
  4. BREAKfast
  5. DEADline
  6. HEALTHcare

When you stress the first syllable in compound nouns you’ll sound clear to Americans.

Listen here


American English pronunciation is complicated 

If you work in the US or Canada, you need to make your words sound clear to Americans.

For most of you, learning to use American English syllable stress is your FIRST STEP toward clear speech.

I can show you how

If you’re a non native English speaker wants to speak clear American English, take a free trial lesson by following the link below.

My training programs will teach you how speak in a manner that sounds clear to Americans.