Most Effective Way to Reduce Your Accent

Most Effective Way to Reduce Your Accent

Most effective way to reduce your accent

Most effective way to reduce your accent

What’s the most effective way to reduce your accent?

What’s the most effective way for learning to speak clear and engaging American English?

Here’s some ideas

  1. Watch American English pronunciation videos on YouTube
  2. Use an American accent or pronunciation book
  3. Take an accent reduction class in your community
  4. Download an accent reduction app

All of these are good ways to learn.

But they probably won’t enable you to make the changes you desire.

Noticeable changes

What’s the best way to make noticeable changes to the way you speak?

What’s the best way to integrate and apply all the little lessons you’ve learned using YouTube, books, apps & classes?

Personal coaching

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that almost everyone who wants to make real, noticeable changes to the way they speak American English needs some personal coaching.

Why is personal coaching so important?

You can learn to say your vowel & consonant sounds correctly using the methods I listed above.

You may even be able to learn to use the correct syllable stress & intonation using the above methods.

But integrating the correct vowel & consonant sounds with the correct syllable stress, intonation and linking takes some serious work.

And this is the kind of work that most people need a coach to help them with.

Personal feedback

Most people need the personal feedback that only an experienced accent reduction coach can provide.

They need lessons that’ll help them integrate & apply all they’ve learned using YouTube, books, apps & classes.

They need to talk to someone about their communication challenges. Someone who will listen and help them speak real and relevant American English in day to day situations.

Customized & personal sessions

In their personalized sessions, most people make significant changes to the way they speak!

Here’s an email message that I recently received from a successful client:

Hi Susan,

I just had a great phone meeting with a support person and I loved every minute of our conversation.

It was a complex scenario to explain and he understood me very well

without me repeating it. And I was pausing after each important word.

Ahhha…. The joy of good communication.

How about you?

The above situation can happen for you too!

If you’re serious about investing some time and money (yes it’s a small investment) to really improve the way you speak American English, follow this link.

You’ll see how my accent reduction coaching program can help you achieve your communication goals.

Or, just keep reading more of the posts here on my ConfidentVoice blog.

If you’re just getting started, there’s a lot you can learn right here.