How to pronounce sh & ch

In my accent reduction course  this week I’ve been teaching some of my Spanish & French speaking clients the difference between the sh sound and the ch sound.

Many of my clients use the ch sound when they should use the sh sound. For the French speakers this usually a spelling disconnection.

For Spanish speakers (and some Hindi speakers) it’s more of an articulation issue.

Some common errors are:

  • the word shopping sounds like  chopping.
  • the word ship sounds like chip.
  • the word share sounds like chair.

Here are a couple of tips you can use to articulate these sounds correctly:

1. When you say the sh sound don’t let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth. The air should pass freely around your tongue. Round your lips to make this sound.

Here are some words with the sh sound: show, washing, cash.

2. When you say the ch sound you tongue touches the roof of your mouth and briefly stops the air.

Here are some words with the ch sound: chair, teacher, much.

Try to pronounce the following short dialog using the correct sounds of sh & ch. I’ve added some intonation marks to make it more lively.

Shopper: How much is the chicken?⤵

Clerk: The chicken is on sale. ⤵ It’s really cheap.⤵ Will that be cash⤼ or charge?⤴

Shopper: I’ll have to charge it. ⤵ I don’t have any cash.⤵


I teach you how to use the /ʃ/ & /ʧ/ sounds correctly in my accent reduction coaching program.

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