American English Pronunciation Problems for Korean Speakers

Here are two American English consonant sounds that are problematic for Korean speakers.

The first is the /f/ sound.

Korean speakers often pronounce the /f/ sound as a /p/ sound.

  1. That means that the word stuff sounds like stop.
  2. The word coffee sounds like copy. ☕
  3. The word laugh sounds like lap.

At least in the ears of the American born listener. ☺

To make the /f/ sound touch your upper teeth to your lower lip as the airflow leaves your mouth.

Another consonant problem is the pronunciation of the letter S.

In American English the letter S is frequently found at the end of both verbs & nouns. When the letter S occurs at the end of words can be pronounced as a /z/ sound or an /s/ sound.

Korean speakers tend to omit the 2 sounds of word final S. This sound is never silent in spoken American English!

Word initial S is often pronounced as /ʃ/ by Korean speakers.

That means that  Sue sounds like shoecity sounds like shitty or sheedy.

THAT’s not what you want!

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