How do you say collaborative?

How do you say collaborative?

How do you say collaborative?

How do you say collaborative?

In my accent reduction coaching program, one word that I frequently work on with my clients is collaborative.

This can be a challenging word to pronounce if you don’t know how to use syllable stress & the schwa vowel sound.

Let’s break it down

The word collaborative has 5 syllables.  But we SAY it using only 4 syllables.

  1. The second syllable has the most stress.  So the A in that syllable needs a long, clear /ae/ sound.
  2. The first syllable is reduced. So the O in that syllable needs a reduced schwa /ə/ vowel sound.
  3. The T in the last syllable should be said with a quick /d/ sound.

Respelled version

Here’s my respelling of this word


Listen here

The spelled version doesn’t really match the pronunciation, does it? That’s why I use respelling with my clients.

Other words that my clients learn to say correctly

Here are a few other words that I teach my accent reduction coaching clients to say clearly & correctly

  1. environmental
  2. developmental
  3. methodical
  4. world
  5. alternatives

Once you learn the rules for syllable stress & schwa, you’ll be able to say these words and hundreds of others, in a way that Americans understand right away.

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