A Super Fun Syllable Stress Game

Syllable stress game

Syllable stress game

A Super Fun Syllable Stress Game

I’m a syllable stress evangelist.

I talk about syllable stress all the time.

I teach my accent reduction coaching clients to use syllable stress correctly every day.

Why I rant & rave about syllable stress

Why am I such a strong proponent of syllable stress?

Because using syllable stress correctly is a powerful technique that you must use if you want to speak clear and comprehensible American English.

It’s a very powerful technique!

Clients have told me

In fact, just this week a new client said to me~

Eureka! Syllable stress really makes me sound more clear, Susan.

Another client said to me~

Susan, you’ve discovered the root cause of my heavy accent. It’s because I don’t use syllable stress.

Maybe you don’t know what syllable stress is. That’s OKAY. Most people (even native speakers) aren’t familiar with the term.

What is syllable stress?

In words with two or more syllables, one syllable is stressed more than the others.

  • That syllable gets emphasis.
  • The vowel in the stressed syllable is long and clear.

Vowels in stressed syllables

The vowel in the stressed syllable is longer in duration and said with a slightly higher pitch than the vowels in other syllables.

When you do that, you enable the American listener to easily understand the word.

If you don’t do that, American listeners will have to use extra effort to understand you.

Not using syllable stress

If you don’t use syllable stress, native listeners won’t understand your words right away.

They’ll need a bit of time to figure out what you said.

Follow this link to read more about syllable stress.

Now for the syllable stress game…..you can play that here.

Oxford University Press, Stress Monsters Game

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