Speak American English clearly using pitch emphasis

Speak clearly using pitch emphasis

In order to speak clearly, you need to stress the most important words. You need to bring your listeners’ attention to the most important words in a sentence or phrase using a slight rise in pitch. I call this pitch emphasis.

How to pronounce popular brand names in American English

How to pronounce NIKE

I’m going to teach you how to pronounce popular brand names in American English.
You’ll learn to pronounce the fashion brand names: Nike, Adidas, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Tommy Hilfeger.
You’ll learn to pronounce internet brand names: amazon, Skype, Twitter, Adobe and YouTube.

How to Ask Questions Correctly

How to Ask Questions Correctly

People don’t respond when I ask questions  This week Miguel and Priya both told me that their colleagues don’t respond right away when they ask questions at meetings. This may be happening to you too. Here’s one reason why. Breakdowns at meetings can happen if you don’t use the correct intonation patterns when you ask questions. If you don’t know these rules for […]