Learn American English Pronunciation with Songs

One fun & effective way to learn the rhythm of spoken English is to sing songs.♬ When I taught American English pronunciation classes in DC,  I used the website below called KaraokeParty to teach American English phrasing, linking and vowel lengthening to the students in my classes. They loved this!! To find the free songs […]

American English Audio from Voice of America

The Voice of America website has some excellent stories that you can use to listen to American English. I especially like the series titled Words and Their Stories. This series has stories with idioms, phrasal verbs and stories that describe American culture. Keep this in mind though: the narrators who read the audio tend to […]

The Color Vowel Chart

The Color Vowel Chart is an excellent visual tool that you can use to learn or TEACH the 15 vowels sounds in North American English. The hard copies of the chart are really nice; colorful and laminated with color words and IPA symbols. There are teaching activities you can use on the back of the […]

Listen to the Speech of Non-Native Speakers

Back in 1999, linguistics professor Steven Weinberger at George Mason University created a cool tool called the Speech Accent Archive The archive contains 1,500 recordings of people from around the world reading the same paragraph in English. There are recordings of both native English speakers and non native English speakers along with their age, gender […]

Improve Your American Accent- VOA & Skype

I always tell my accent reduction coaching clients who live outside North America that they must listen to American English if they want to improve their accents. That’s because focused listening is a key part of accent improvement! ✔ One place where you can listen to American English is the Voice of America’s Special English […]