Learning American Consonants

Learning American Consonant Sounds

Learning American Consonants One of the key skills that I teach my accent reduction coaching clients from Japan, China  & Latin America is how to articulate American English consonants. 24 Consonant Sounds American English has 24 consonant sounds. 15 consonant sounds are voiced 9 consonant sounds are voiceless Voiced Consonant Sounds Voiced sounds create a strong […]

Do you know all the soundz of the American S?

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Do YOU know all the soundz of the American S? If you don’t, there’z a good chance that you’re saying many wordz with a little bit of an accent. The Letter S Has Many Sounds I had a really great response to yesterday’z post, When S soundz like /z/. So I’ll continue with this theme by […]

Pronouncing Voiced & Voiceless Consonant Sounds

Feel those voiced consonant sounds

Pronouncing Voiced & Voiceless Consonant Sounds Are you an Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Spanish speaker who is working to improve your American accent? If you are….it’s really important that you learn to use  voiced consonant sounds! Let me explain what I mean….. Voiced consonant sounds A voiced sound causes your vocal chords to vibrate. You should […]

American English Spelling & Pronunciation

Do you ever feel like the English spelling system does not match the sounds of spoken American English? It seems that way doesn’t it? English spelling is the way that words are written using the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet. Since English is not a phonetic language there is not always a one-on-one relationship […]

The Importance of Voiced and Voiceless Sounds

Voiced sounds

The Importance of Voiced and Voiceless Sounds In spoken American English there are many pairs of consonant sounds that are articulated using the same tongue and mouth shape. Some Consonant Sounds are Voiced The difference between these pairs of sounds is that one sound is voiced and the other is voiceless. Voiced sounds cause the […]