The Best Accent Reduction Books

The Best Accent Reduction Books

Best accent reduction books

Best accent reduction books

When choosing to improve their American accent, the first step most people take is to purchase an accent reduction or American English pronunciation book.

This is a good first step because it will allow you to become familiar with the features you need to learn including:

  • American English vowel sounds
  • The schwa vowel sound
  • American English consonant sounds
  • Syllable stress patterns
  • Intonation patterns

Make Noticeable Changes to the Way You Speak

While using a book for self study is a good first step, it probably won’t enable you to make noticeable changes to the way you speak.

That’s because in order to make noticeable changes you need to get FEEDBACK and you need to understand how to INTEGRATE and apply what you’ve learned.

Feedback, integration and application are critical if you want to communicate clearly. You really can’t get all that from a book.

Best Accent Reduction Books~My Recommendations

That said, there are two books that I use as supplementary texts in my accent reduction coaching programs. These are:

  1. Mastering the American Accent
  2. American Accent Training

Both books are available on Amazon.

Susan’s recommended books

I’ve also written an introductory iBook called American Accent Fundamentals. This book is optimized for use on your iPad and it’s available at the iBookstore.

American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

You can download the first chapter for free.

Start With a Book

Start with a book. But, if you’re serious about making noticeable changes to your accent, you’ll need more than a book (or an app).

If your career success involves speaking American English  in a way that sounds clear, professional and engaging, you’ll need some personal training.

Make and Investment in Your Communication Skills

You may have the best technical knowledge in your organization. Many of the people who I work with in my accent reduction coaching programs do.

However, if you’re unable to communicate your ideas in a way that sounds clear and credible, everyone loses. Follow the link below to learn more how people like you have achieved communication success with accent reduction coaching.

As Warren Buffet says,

If you improve your communication skills, you’ll earn 50% more over the course of your lifetime.

Make it happen. Get a book, or start your personal training. It’s never to later to start improving the way you communicate.