In my work as an accent reduction coach, I always use a tool called the Color Vowel Chart.

The Color Vowel Chart methodology allows me to teach my accent reduction coaching clients to recognize and articulate the 15 American English vowel sounds in an efficient and memorable way.

✰ It’s FUN too! ✰

The visual aspect of the Color Vowel Chart allows my clients to see, feel & remember the 15 American English vowel sounds.

♡ I absolutely love this tool and so do all of my accent reduction coaching clients.♡

If you work as an American English pronunciation teacher, or if you teach accent reduction to adults (like I do) I strongly encourage you to learn how the Color Vowel Chart can enhance your teaching or instruction.

You can do this by checking our their new Color Vowel Chart Teacher Resource Book.

The resource book explains the Color Vowel Chart methodology and provides lessons you can use right away. The lessons are clear, easy to use and they work!!

The Color Vowel Chart Teacher Resource Book even teaches you how to tackle a very difficult topic: vowels + /r/.

You can see more details here ☛ Color Vowel Chart Teacher Resource Book.

Help your students and clients to understand and articulate the American English vowel sounds using this excellent resource!

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