The Dropped T Sound

American T Sounds Quiz

American T Sounds Quiz

The American English T Sounds

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the 4 sounds of the American T * and I explained how Americans often use a tapped T sound

You may wanna read that one if you missed it~ the tapped T sound.

Today, I’ll tell you about the dropped T sound and how using it will make your English sound more American.

The Dropped T Sound

American English speakers frequently drop the /t/ sound when it occurs after the /n/ sound.

This is very common, especially  in everyday conversations!

In fact, last week I was working with one of my Japanese clients on the pronunciation of the words Toronto & center.

He was pronouncing these words with short vowel sounds and very heavy T sounds. The T sounds were louder than the vowel sounds.

That made the words sound choppy.

I told him that his English would sound more clear and natural if he dropped the sound of the letter T in those words.

A Few Examples

Here are some examples of words in which many Americans drop the /t/ sound.

1. winter = winner -It’s too cold here in the winner!

2. twenty = twenny- Thomas is paid twenny dollars an hour.

3. plenty = plenny -Sally has plenny of money in the bank.

4. center = cenner- Jim lives in the city cenner.

5. Toronto=Toronno -Toronno is an interesting city.

There are MANY others!

Some of my accent reduction clients prefer not to drop the /t/ sound and that’s OK. North Americans will understand you if you articulate the /t/.

However, if you want to reduce your accent and sound more natural you may want to drop the /t/ sound in the words above.

American T Sounds Quiz

Here is a short QUIZ you can take to test your knowledge of the American T sounds.

The Sounds of the American T

The letter T makes a variety of sounds in spoken American English. Do you know what these sounds are? Do you know the rules for pronouncing the letter T? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.
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