Why don’t people understand me when I speak English?

All of the people who I work with in my accent reduction coaching program are:

  • well educated
  • professional
  • career oriented
  • successful

✪ Still, many of them speak English with an “accent” that American listeners find difficult to understand.✪

They are working with me in order to understand WHY American listeners don’t always understand them and to learn STRATEGIES they can use to change this.

You may have wondered why your American colleagues don’t understand you when you speak English.

In fact… at first you may not have realized that your spoken English was a problem.  Then something happened that brought this to your attention.

  • Maybe your boss said that your communication skills weren’t satisfactory
  • Maybe you noticed that people look away or seem confused when you are speaking to them.
  • Perhaps you said a word that someone didn’t understand…so you had to spell it out.
  • Perhaps people avoid you because processing your speech takes too much effort.

Here is something you’ve never learned in your home country~

You never learned how Americans listen.☝

You never learned what cues Americans need to hear in order to process and understand a message.

In my accent reduction coaching program, I teach you techniques for speaking English in a way that Americans will understand.☆

I teach you specific techniques and strategies including:

  1. How to speak with the right pace.
  2. How to ask questions correctly.
  3. How to lengthen vowel sounds.
  4. How to pronounce tricky consonant sounds.

Don’t blame yourself if you are having problems being understood. It’s not your fault that no one even taught you how Americans listen.

Many people have made huge improvements in their communication style by taking some one on one accent reduction coaching.


Learn more about the techniques you will learn and see how one on one coaching works here at my ☛ LearnAmericanAccentOnline page. All sessions are conveniently held via Skype video.

You can make changes that will allow Americans to understand you!