2 things to know about the letter S

The Letter S in American English

how to pronounce the letter S

2 things to know about the letter S.

You may think that you know how to pronounce the letter S in American English.

You may think that you always pronounce it clearly & correctly.

But in my work as an accent reduction coach, I’ve found that most non native speakers don’t pronounce the letter S correctly.

Here are 2 things to know about the letter S

The first thing you need to know, (and this may surprise you) is that the letter S often… very often in fact, has a /z/sound.

The letter S frequently soundz like /z/ in spoken American English.

5 words in which S sounds like /z/

Here are five common words in which the letter S haz a /z/ sound:

  • busy               bizy
  • easy               eazy
  • husband      huzbǝnd
  • result           rǝzult
  • is                  iz

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Pronouncing S at the end of a word

The second thing you need to know is how to pronounce the letter S at the end of a word.

When the letter S occurs at the end of a word it very often has a /z/ sound.

Most people don’t realize that.

Correct grammar

Pronouncing this word final S using a voiced /z/ sound is especially important if you want your speech to sound grammatically correct.

If the American listener doesn’t hear a nice sharp /z/ sound at the end of a word, they’ll think that you’re not pronouncing plurals and third person verbs correctly.

This happens all the time. When I tell my accent reduction coaching clients that I can’t hear their articulation of word final S, they feel embarrassed.

They had no idea they were saying this sound incorrectly!

Clear & grammatically correct speech

The people who I work with in my accent reduction programs want: clear, engaging and grammatically correct speech!

Clear communication is critical if you want to sell your ideas, build relationships and make connections.

I can show you how

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.