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Accent Reduction Apps

accent reduction apps

I know that many of you are looking for accent reduction apps to improve the way you speak American English.

Pronunciation Games

Pronunciation games

Pronunciation Games  Before the proliferation of pronunciation apps, Oxford University Press put out some fun and very useful pronunciation games on the web. Games for  pronouncing vowels, consonants and syllable stress The games have British English audio….. but the consonant games (with voiced and voiceless sounds) and most of the syllable stress practice are the same as in […]

Apps for Business English

Apps for business English

Here are some Apps for Business English. These apps teach you business slang and phrases used in American business.

3 accent reduction strategies that don’t usually work

3 accent reduction strategies that don't usually work

People want to speak like this In my accent reduction coaching programs I help people who need to speak American English with increased clarity a high degree of professionalism a tone that allows them to connect with others Strategies they’ve tried Most of the people who’ve chosen to work with me have tried to make […]