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American accent coach

American accent coach

Hi, my name is Susan Ryan. I’m the person behind ConfidentVoice.

My goal is to provide training for international professionals who want to speak clear, professional and confident American English.

Why ConfidentVoice?

I created ConfidentVoice when I was teaching English classes in Washington, DC.

As I began working with Embassy personnel on their spoken English skills, I realized that there are very few American English programs designed to meet to the needs of highly educated international professionals.

I realized there was a huge need for American accent and communication training that met the needs of people with advanced degrees.

Sure, there are American accent books you can buy. There are community college classes you can take. And there are plenty of free resources you can use.

But, there are very few programs designed for people like you. Professional people who want to focus on speaking clear American English.

The communication challenges of international professionals

You have a university education and highly advanced level technical and business skills. Because of that, you feel frustrated and embarrassed when Americans:

  • Ask you to repeat yourself
  • Disengage from conversations quickly
  • Fail to ask for your input at meetings
  • Don’t acknowledge and appreciate your ideas

These situations are uncomfortable for you. They’re also uncomfortable for your listeners. However, you’ll continue to experience frustrating interactions if your speech is difficult for Americans to understand.

If you’re like the people who I coach right now, you’re tired of all that. You’re ready to take responsibility for improving your communication skills.

Here’s what people are saying

Hi Susan, I’ve been looking forward to this session since last couple sessions has helped a lot, saying numbers over the phone has become an more manageable task that used to be really stressful. These sessions are making a lot of difference and I don’t want to lose the motivation and most important the momentum. Thanks, Oscar

Thank you Susan. I would strongly recommend you to other professionals who want to speak clear American English. I accomplished what I wanted in your course. Sincerely, Stas

Hi Susan, I just finished listening to the recording. I feel amazed by things you have taught me and the changes in my voice every time I hear the recording so thank you very much again for your teaching. I will continue practicing on my own. This was a great investment! Thank you. Ming

You’re not sure why Americans don’t understand you

Like the people who I coach, I know that you’re motivated to improve the way you speak. But, perhaps you can’t quite figure out the root cause of your communication problems.

In my coaching program, the first thing you’ll learn from me is why Americans don’t understand you.

Then you’ll lean exactly what we’re going to do to change that.

Strategies & techniques

I’ll work with you one on one. You’ll learn very specific strategies, rules and techniques that will enable you to speak clearly and confidently as soon as possible.

You’ll learn to speak in a way that Americans connect with, respect and understand.

We’ll practice together using vocabulary that’s highly customized to fit your professional situation.

Live online coaching sessions

On on one coaching sessions are held online using Skype video. Sessions last for 60-70 minutes and are fully recorded. These recordings allow you to listen to yourself and practice your words and sentences until you get them right.

You’ll also get customized assignments. These assignments will help you internalize the speaking habits you learn in your sessions.

One-on-one coaching is the best approach

Many of my clients tried using accent reduction books or Youtube videos to improve their speech. And that’s good!

But since they didn’t have a coach to give them specific guidance and feedback….because they didn’t have a coach to keep them accountable, they didn’t make noticeable progress.

Once they started to work with me, they DID make progress. They were actually able to speak more clearly. They felt more confident. And you will too.

Thanks a lot Susan..really enjoying the course and your method of teaching…glad that i am able to implement some of these things already…see you next week!  Also, thanks a lot for the great session today! Really enjoyed it and learned a lot! 🙂  Gaurav

You have made a difference in my life and in my career. This course is totally worth the investment. Kumar

Awesome feedback. I love the way you have used symbols like bold and word connections to point out corrections to be made.  Susan, you are an effective coach! Manoj

Are you ready to communicate with confidence?

My one-on-one coaching program is designed for highly educated international professionals who learned English outside of North America.

I work with people who are motivated to communicate using clear, confident and professional American English.

I work with people who are ready to invest in highly customized training that really works.

Send me your questions

Email me at I’ll answer your questions promptly and personally.

About me

Originally from Minneapolis, I’ve lived and taught in San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Washington DC and South Florida. I currently live in Central Florida where I enjoy canoeing, bicycling, birdwatching and swimming.


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