Accent Reduction Coaching Skype

Accent Reduction Coaching Skype

Accent Reduction Skype

Accent Reduction Skype

Since 2009, I’ve been doing accent reduction coaching via Skype.

Skype accent coaching sessions are focused, personal and completely confidential.

What You Learn

In each session you’ll learn specific techniques you can use to reduce your accent and speak more clearly.

All programs are highly customized. We work exclusively on improving your American English communication skills.

Effective & Results Oriented

Accent coaching is effective. That’s because each session is customized to incorporate the language that you use on a daily basis.

In order to achieve your communication goals you must

  • ask questions
  • describe your challenging situations
  • submit your custom assignments for my feedback

Phone Calls, Sales Scripts, Pitches & Presentations

Maybe you have a sales script that you want to practice before using it with customers.

Or perhaps you have a presentation or a pitch that you plan to deliver to American colleagues.

We’ll work on these  types of lessons in your Skype coaching sessions, making sure that you sound confident and easy to understand.

Comments from Clients

Here are some recent comments from some of my clients:

“I love your feedback! This is so helpful and I’m sure that I can make progress. I’m very excited to have our next lesson!”

” You’ve helped me unlock the code for speaking American English. Now when I don’t know how to pronounce a word I tried to locate the stressed vowel sound. Using that strategy, I can usually figure out how to say the word.”

“You’ve really helped me to say the words I use at work every day correctly. Now I feel more confident about my presentation.”

“…people like you deserve appreciation for the positive contributions you made to the life of others. Thank you for the contributions you made toward my communication skills and effectiveness.”

Improve the Way You Communicate

✯You can achieve your communication goals if you get some personal coaching!✯

To learn more about Skype accent coaching send me a message.

I’ll send you a PDF that describes my

  • program benefits
  • program structure
  • program fees

The Most Frequent Comment

The most frequent comment that I get from my clients is this:

“I wish I would’ve started improving my accent sooner”.

Join the other career minded professionals who’ve invested in their communication skills.

It’s Almost 2015

Don’t wait another year.

Find your voice. Become more respected, connected and influential in your workplace.

Make this small investment in yourself and your career. You’ll be happy you did!

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