American English: How to Make the /n/ & /l/ Sounds

How to Make the N & L Sounds

 N is a nasal sound.

The N is a nasal sound.

If you’re a Chinese speaker who is working to improve your American English pronunciation, you may have found that you’re having trouble with your /l/ & /n/ sounds.

Don’t worry!! This is a very common problem & you can fix it. ✔

The /n/ & /l/ sounds are articulated in almost the same manner.

  • The tongue touches behind the tooth ridge.
  • The tongue is a bit flatter for the /n/ sound.

The /n/ is a nasal sound

However, the /n/ sound is a nasal so you need to push the air through your nose to make this sound.

The /l/ is a liquid sound

The /l/ sound is a liquid so the air flows along side your tongue & out of your mouth.

Challenging words with /n/ & /l/

Here are a few words with the /n/ & /l/ sounds that may be problematic for you:

  • financial
  • intellectual
  • international
  • analysis
  • economical

Listen here


Challenging  sounds for Chinese speakers of English

When I work with Chinese speakers in my accent reduction coaching program I teach them how to articulate the American

  • /l/ sound
  • /n/ sound
  • /ŋ/ sound

Mastering these sounds will make your American English more clear & easy to understand!

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About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.