How Do I Pronounce THS?

One of my accent reduction clients from Asia works in broadcasting.✪

He is already a good speaker… but he is very motivated to make improvements to his American accent.

This week he asked me a good question that I want to share with all of you. Here is what he asked:

In the words months & clothes, does the S get pronounced or not?

These 3 words are difficult to pronounce because they contain the difficult consonant cluster th+s.

My answer is this:

You should always try to pronounce the th + s these types of words. ✔

In order to articulate this combination, you must quickly move your tongue from the /θ/ position (slightly between your teeth) to the /s/position (slightly behind your teeth).

This will take some practice. You may want to use a mirror for this.

However, in everyday situations you may hear native speakers drop the the th and just say mons and close.

This is OK in everyday conversations…but probably not for people who work as broadcasters.

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