Chinese Speakers of English Need to Do This

Chinese Speakers of English Need to Do This

Chinese Speakers of English Need to Do This

Chinese Speakers of English Need to Do This

If you’re a Chinese speaker of English, you may have found that Americans don’t always understand you.

They are many reasons behind this. But in this post I’ll describe one accent reduction technique that I know will enable you to speak clearly.

Word final consonant sounds

You need to pronounce your word final consonant sounds clearly.

This is what I mean.

In spoken English most words end with a consonant sound. But many Chinese speakers of English don’t say these consonant sounds correctly.

Voiced consonant sounds

Most of the consonant sounds that occur at the ends of words are VOICED*. That means that you need to pronounce them with more energy.

Consonant sounds that Chinese speakers often fail to pronounce clearly at the ends of words include: /b/,/d/, /g/, /v/,/z/, /m/ & /n/.

You need to make sure that you pronounce these sounds!!

Why are these sounds important?

When you don’t say word final consonant sounds clearly, your words sound incomplete.

Your grammar will be compromised since you’re probably dropping the word final /z/ sound in plurals and third person verbs.

This happens to Chinese speakers of English all the time. And you’re probably not aware of it.

More grammar related issues

Your grammar will be further compromised if you’re dropping the word final /d/ sound in past tense verbs.

Dropping the word final /z/ & /d/ sounds will make your speech sound unprofessional. You don’t want that to happen!

Learn to pronounce word final sounds

In my American accent training programs, I teach you how to speak American English clearly including the correct articulation of word final sounds.

My training programs teach you how to speak English in a manner that sounds clear and professional to the American listener.

I can help you

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Contact me

Or contact me at with your questions. I’m friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about helping Chinese speakers of English improve their communication skills.