Common Phrases with Tapped T

Common Phrases with Tapped T

Common phrases with Tapped T

A tapped t sounds like a quick /d/.

Now, if a word ends with a T, and the next work starts with a vowel sound, make the T sound like /d/.

Then link words together.

Drop the /h/ sounds in the words he, his, her to facilitate your linking.

Here are some examples:

  1. But it
  2. But a
  3. But I
  4. But he
  5. But his
  6. But her
  7. But it’s cold out.
  8. It’s nothing but a cold.
  9. But I feel better.
  10. But he’s still coughing.

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Of course this is just ONE set of examples.  There are hundreds of others.

Using the tapped T sound between words is an excellent technique for creating speech that sounds smooth and seamless.

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Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.

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