Do I Need Accent Reduction Coaching?

Do I Need Accent Reduction Coaching? 

Accent reduction coaching

Accent reduction coaching

Many international professionals have a strong desire to speak English with an American style accent in order to communicate more effectively in their workplace.

They understand that speaking American English clearly, will allow them to

  • communicate more effectively
  • connect with others
  • make more sales
  • move up in their careers

How Does It Work?

This article from the New York Times explains how some non-native English speaking professionals are using speech coaches (like ME) to improve their spoken English.

Many of the coaches are trained in drama techniques. Some use jaw relaxation and mouth muscle exercises to help their clients learn to speak with an American accent.

These are helpful techniques!

My Methods

When I coach people on accent reduction (people working in IT, teaching, management &  sales), I take this approach:

1. I use a detailed assessment to identify the words, pattens & phrases that are the most difficult for YOU to say

2. I create a Master List of your challenging words and phrases.

3. We practice these words and phrases in meaningful and relevant sentences & dialogs

4. I coach you one on one until you sound smooth, clear & confident ♬

Read More About the Benefits

If you’re an international professional who is serious about improving your American English communication skills, I encourage you learn about the benefits of Accent Reduction Coaching.

It’s never to late to make some noticeable changes to the way you speak and communicate.

You’ve already made an investment in your career! ☆ Bring your American English communication skills up to the next level and you’ll achieve even greater success.