Do you pronounce these information technology words correctly?

Do you pronounce these information technology words correctly?

I provide American accent coaching to professionals working in the information technology industry.

Before they start working with me on their American accents, most of of my clients say the words below incorrectly.

These are probably words that you mispronounce too.

Take a look. Say each word out loud to yourself right now.

Words international IT professionals say incorrectly

Words for Software Engineers

Listen to me say each word

Now I’d like you to listen carefully to how I say some of these words

No, I’m not a software engineer.

But as a native speaker of American English, I know how to say each word correctly using syllable stress.

This is a skill you did not learn if you learned English in India, China, Turkey, Latin America…..or anywhere else.

Listen here


Did you say these words the same way I did?

Did you say these words the way I said them?

Probably not.

My guess is that you didn’t stress the same syllables that I did.

Listen again below and pay attention to how I emphasize the CApitalized syllable in each word

Listen for the stressed syllable in each word


  1. CApable
  2. caPAcity
  3. capaBILity
  4. aVAILable
  5. availaBILity
  6. MEthods
  7. methodOLogy

Clear American speech depends on stress patterns

Clear American speech demands that you use the correct syllable stress patterns when you speak.

This is critical.

If you stress the wrong syllable in a word, Americans will struggle to understand you.

You’ll waste time and effort trying to communicate because no one taught you these patterns.

Learn to use these patterns & sound clear to Americans

When you learn to use syllable stress patterns correctly, your speech will sound clear to Americans.

This is a skill you can learn.

But, if you want to make changes to the way you speak, you’ll have to commit.

  • It’ll take some time.
  • It’ll take some money.
  • I’ll take some focused instruction.

I know that if you’re willing to invest time & money to get some very focused instruction, you can learn to use these patterns in your daily speech.

Finding the root cause

Here’s something that the IT professionals who I coach tell me every week:

Susan, now I realize that people didn’t understand me because I wasn’t using syllable stress correctly. You’ve found the root cause of my communication problems.

And they’re right.

Stressing words on the wrong syllable is the root cause of many breakdowns in communication.

Are you ready to learn the patterns for speaking clear American English?

If you’re a non native English speaker, working in information technology, check out my American Accent Training for IT Professionals course.

This customized training program will teach you how to pronounce IT words using the correct syllable stress.

And when you can do that, your American colleagues will understand you. Trial lessons are absolutely free.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.