How do Americans pronounce WH?

How do Americans pronounce Wh?

How do Americans pronounce Wh?

Darn that American English spelling!

This week I’ve been posting about the conflicts between American English spelling and American English pronunciation.

I’ve discussed the pronunciation of  the word Colonel on my Facebook page.

I’ve talked about how the mismatch between Spelling & Pronunciation create challenges for people trying to speak with a clear American accent here on my blog.

How to Pronounce WH

Today I’m going to answer a question I received from one of my accent reduction coaching clients. He asked…

Susan, how do Americans pronounce WH? Do you use a /wh/ sound or a /w/ sound?

My Answer

In American English we don’t say WH with a /wh/ sound. There’s no /h/ sound involved here. We say WH with a pure /w/ sound using nice rounded lips.


British speakers sometimes say the /h/ sound in WH….just like Stewie says Cool Whip in the short, funny video clip below.

This is funny!