How do you pronounce and?

How do you pronounce and?

Reduced speech

Reduced speech

This week I’ve had several great questions from my accent reduction coaching clients.

Here’s a great question from Alex~

Q: I hear the word and pronounced either with a strong /d/ sound or with a quick /d/ sound. Which is correct?

A: Actually we say the word and with a quick /n/ sound. Especially when and is in between two words.

  • bread ‘n butter
  • black ‘n white
  • night ‘n day
  • in ‘n out
  • Saturday ‘n Sunday
  • pizza ‘n salad

However, we’d pronounce and with a fuller articulation when requesting BOTH options.

  • I’d like bread AND butter.
  • Let’s go on Saturday AND Sunday.
  • I’ll take pizza AND salad.

Don’t stress every word!

Remember, in order to speak American English with the correct melody, you should absolutely NOT stress every word.

Lots of little words including: and, for, or & to should be reduced when you’re speaking.

Reductions in American English

Reductions are an important feature of natural sounding American English.

Follow this link to learn why you should use reductions when you speak.