How Do You Say Burger?

How Do You Say Burger?

How do you say burger?

How do you say burger?

The people who I work with in my accent reduction coaching programs often want to work on SMALL TALK in addition to working on their professional vocabulary.

And food is an excellent topic for making small talk, right?

Of course,…most people enjoy talking about food, restaurants and eating out.

Common Mispronunciations of American Food

When it comes to food, one common mispronunciation concerns the word BURGER.

Why is the word burger problematic?

Usually, it’s because of the stressed /ɝ/sound. I call this sound /ɝ/ as in Purple. When you say the word BURGER, the letter U does not sound like /uw/ as in Blue.

It sounds like /ɝ/ as in Purple.

Two ER Sounds

In fact, the word burger has 2 ER sounds. The first syllable has a stressed /ɝ/ sound. The second syllable has an unstressed /ɚ/ sound.

There is no /uw/ sound in this word. Make sure you don’t say it like that!

Jimmy Fallon Teaches You How to Say Burger

One of my coaching clients sent me this video clip in which Jimmy Fallon teaches Fabio Viviani to pronounce burger. Fabio didn’t even realize he was saying it incorrectly.

It’s really funny! Start at 00:28 to see Jimmy teaching Fabio.

Jimmy is able to teach Fabio to say the word BURGER pretty well. He was patient with Fabio….and he got results.

What Foods Are You Saying Incorrectly?

This week I’ll be writing more posts on how to pronounce foods and beverages in American English. Be sure to check back, or add your name to the box on the upper right side of the page to get these very interesting and informative lessons.