How to Connect with People in American English

How to Connect with People in American English~6 Steps 

How to Connect with People in American English

How to Connect with People in American English

One of the most critical business communication skills is the ability to speak in a manner that enables you to really connect with other people.

In order to connect with other people you need to come across as:

  • clear
  • personable
  • engaging
  • interested in others

To help you come across in this way, I’ve designed a 6 step method you can follow.

Let’s take a look at the first step.

Step 1~Start with a warm hello

Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly greeting. The way you greet someone is the first impression you make.

If your initial “hello” sounds flat or monotonous, Americans won’t feel that you’re friendly. They won’t feel that you’re interested in them.

In order so say hello in a style that’s warm and engaging to Americans, you need to use pitch emphasis when you speak.

Listen and decide

Listen to this example. I’ll say it two ways.

  • Hi Susan.
  • How was your weekend?

Which greeting sounded more friendly to you, the first or the second?

You probably said the second, and most Americans would agree with you.

What did I do to make my greeting sound warm & friendly?

What did I do differently when I said the second greeting?

I used pitch emphasis. I used more vocal pitch on the most important words: Susan & weekend.

I used rising falling intonation on the word weekend.⤵

Americans use this type of  pitch emphasis and intonation when they want to sound clear and friendly.

Try it yourself

Try it yourself right now using a warm & friendly style.

  • Hi Susan.
  • How was your weekend?

Using this type of pitch emphasis and intonation may feel unnatural to you, but trust me, speaking like this will change the way Americans feel about you.

They’ll think that you’re friendly.

They’ll want to get to know you.

You may sound unfriendly when you speak American English

Many of my clients have told me that their colleagues regard them as unfriendly.

And they wanted to change that.

Once they started to speak using more pitch emphasis and intonation, they were able to connect with people in a new way.

Stay tuned tomorrow for How to Connect with People in American English, Step 2~Say peoples’ names correctly.

I can show you how

If you’re a non native English speaker wants to speak American English in a way that sounds clear and friendly to Americans, take a free trial lesson by following the link below.

My training programs will teach you how speak English in a way that Americans understand and connect with.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.