How to practice the /w/ sound

How to practice the /w/ sound

How to practice the W sound

How to practice the W sound

Many of my accent reduction clients from India, Turkey, Germany and Russia need some instruction on how to practice the American /w/ sound.

Round your lips!

The /w/ sound in American English is articulated with rounded lips. Do not touch your teeth to your lower lips if you want make this sound the American way.

It’s like a quick kiss with your lips.

Practice Dialog 

Here’s a  Dialog with W that you can use to practice~

Kathy: Do you want to go for a walk on Wednesday?

Marie: Why Wednesday? Why not go on the weekend?

Kathy: I work on the weekends.

Marie: Oh well, that’s too bad! Can you walk on Wednesday?

Kathy: I can’t walk on Wednesday because I’m taking the family to Walmart.

Marie: Where is the nearest Walmart?

Kathy: It’s located on Wilson Avenue, just west of here.

Articulation video for the W sound

Here’s my articulation video for the /w/ sound.

Indian, Russian, German, Turkish Speakers

Career minded professionals often choose to improve the way they communicate in American English with some accent reduction coaching.

If you’re an Indian language, Russian language, German or Turkish speaker, I can help you speak English with increased clarity and confidence! ☼