How to pronounce democratic

How to pronounce democratic 

How to pronounce democratic

How to pronounce democratic

The people I work with in my accent reduction coaching program often ask me how to pronounce democratic.

The first thing you must do (as with most words), is stress the correct syllable.

Here’s the syllable stress rule you need to follow.

When a word ends with the suffix IC, stress the syllable just before IC.

Say the vowel in the syllable just before IC with extra length and a rise in pitch.

Here are six examples:

  1. demoCRAtic
  2. autoMAtic
  3. reaLIStic
  4. geoMEtric
  5. idioMAtic
  6. theoREtic

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Syllable stress changes 

DemoCRAtic is stressed differently than deMOcracy and DEMocrat.

That’s another reason non native speakers find the pronunciation of demoCRAtic confusing.

I believe that getting your syllable stress right is the first skill that most non native speakers of American English need to focus on.

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American English syllable stress rules.

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Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.