How to Pronounce the Letter O

How to pronounce the letter O

How to pronounce the letter O

How to pronounce the letter O

You may be surprised to know that the letter  O has at least 5 sounds in American English.

Knowing which sound to use is important if you want to communicate clearly!

The 5 sounds of the letter O

I teach my accent reduction coaching programs I teach my clients the 5 different pronunciations for the letter O. These are:

1. The letter O sounds like /ʌ/as in MUSTARD in words including: love, come, above.

2. The letter O sounds like /ɑ/ as in OLIVE in words including: stop, got, not.

3.  The letter O sounds like /ow/ as in ROSE in words including: bowl, loan, soap.

4.  The double O sounds like /uw/ as in BLUE in words including: fool, tool, school.

5.  The double O sounds like /ʊ/ as in WOOD in words including: good, cook, shook.

The MOST COMMON sound for the letter O?

I believe that the most common sound for the letter O is /ɑ/ as in Olive.

Look at all the words below. In each one, the letter O has an /ɑ/ sound.

  1. problem
  2. common
  3. technology
  4. modern
  5. office
  6. possible
  7. process
  8. democracy
  9. economy
  10. Boston

Know which O sound to use!

As I often tell my coaching clients, it’s not that you can’t articulate the correct sound. ….although that does happen…

The pronunciation errors usually occur when you don’t know which sound to use!

Follow the link below to learn MORE about how I teach these vowel sounds to the people who I work with in my Skype accent reduction coaching program.