How to Slow Down Fast Speech

One of the key strategies that I teach my accent reduction coaching clients is how to slow down and speak with a good pace.

slow down signIf you’re an English speaker from China, India, Brazil or other Latin American countries, you probably have a tendency to speak English too quickly for the American listener.

Your fast speech is probably contributing to breakdowns in communication!

Here are 2 strategies for speaking American English with a better pace:

1. Emphasize important words & then pause

✔ Good English speakers emphasize the key words in each sentence or phrase by using a slightly higher pitch on these words.

✔ They pause slightly after each important words.

Learning how English speakers use stress & pauses will allow YOU to speak with a pace that’s easy for Americans to understand. ☆


2. Learn to use syllable stress

In spoken English words some syllables are stressed more than others.

The vowels in stressed syllables are articulated with a long clear pronunciation ➙ not in a short choppy way.

Short choppy syllables contribute to fast speech. That’s why learning to stress syllables will help you slow down & speak with a better pace.


Emphasis + Pauses + Syllable Stress = Good Pace

Speaking at a good pace is a fundamental speaking skill that everyone, (including many native speakers) need to learn if they want to communicate in a clear and engaging manner.

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Take action. You CAN make changes to the way you speak. You’ll be glad you did!