How to Stress Words in American English

Do You Know How to Stress Words in American English?

One of the most common questions my accent reduction clients ask is this~

Susan, which words should I stress when I speak American English?

It’s an excellent question!

American English Speakers Don’t Stress Every Word

After a few coaching sessions, my clients begin to understand that Americans don’t stress every word in a sentence.

That’s when I teach them the rules for word stress in sentences

Word Stress in Sentences

Here are some guidelines you can follow~

American English speakers stress (or emphasize) the most important words in a sentence or phrase.

Usually the most important words are


If you want to speak with increased clarity, you should do that too.

Reduce the Sound of Many Words

American English speakers reduce the sounds of smaller words. Little words like the ones below are usually reduced.

  • the
  • and
  • it
  • can

Focus Words, Content Words & Function Words

Pronunciation textbooks often use the terms Focus words, Content words & Function words when referring to word stress.

My Waves Analogy

I often say that the important words are like waves in the ocean. You need to rise up on each one by using more pitch.

The most important word (or focus word) is like a slightly bigger wave. You need to rise up on that word just a bit more.

The graphic below illustrates what I mean



Learn How to Stress Words in American English

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