I don’t feel comfortable sharing my ideas

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I don't feel comfortable sharing my ideas

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my ideas

In my coaching program I help people working in multinational companies communicate clearly in American English.

All of my clients are highly educated, highly skilled professionals working in IT, sales & marketing, finance and academia.

What they tell me

During our Skype coaching sessions they often tell me:

Susan, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my ideas. I almost always have excellent suggestions and solutions, but I can’t express my ideas clearly in English. This is really frustrating for me!

Clarity & confidence

Clarity in speaking and confidence go hand in hand.

If your speech doesn’t sound clear, if other always ask you to repeat yourself, you lose confidence.

When you lose confidence you don’t share your ideas, even when these ideas will move your team forward.

Everybody loses

You take a back seat, even though your ideas are insightful, money saving and relevant.

When you’re unable to share your ideas, everybody loses.

How to speak American English clearly

When I work with people on their American English communication skills, I teach them to speak more clearly using phrases, pitch & pauses.

Phrases, pitch & pauses for clear American English

If you want the people in your multinational team to understand you and hear your ideas you need to:

  • Speak in shorter phrases
  • Use pitch emphasis on the key word in each phrase
  • Pause slightly at the end of each phrase

Why does it work?

Speaking with phrases, pitch and pauses works because when you follow this method, you’re thinking about your listeners.

When you speak in shorter phrases and insert more pauses, you give your listeners time to process what you’re saying.

When you use pitch emphasis to highlight important words you enable your listeners to hear what’s important.

Using phrases, pitch & pauses when you speak

Sounds simple, right?

It takes most people a few weeks to this speaking pattern, but once they do their speech sounds more clear.

And when their speech sounds clear, they feel more confident sharing their ideas.

Learn to express yourself clearly

In my American accent training programs, I teach you to speak clearly using phrases, pitch and pauses.

Here’s what a client emailed me about those lessons.

I just finished your online course. The “phrases, pitch and pauses” method really makes sense and greatly summarizes the key to speak.

Interested? Follow this link to take a free trial lesson

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.