Japanese Speakers & the American Accent

I work with Japanese professionals and post grads in my American accent coaching program.

These highly motivated people UNDERSTAND what they need to do in order to speak American English more clearly.

After about 6-8 lessons with me they understand the RULES and PATTERNS of spoken English.

What they need is more opportunities to PRACTICE speaking English with native or near native speakers.

Most Japanese speakers will never speak with a perfect American accent. You don’t NEED to!

If you can learn to improve these 2 aspects of spoken English

  • the rhythm of your speech
  • your vowel length in stressed syllables

You will sound much more comprehensible to American listeners!

Below I link to an article in which Yoko Matsuka, a veteran English instructor from Japan, talks about the perfect accent.

Yoko says that it’s waste of time to pursue “perfect English pronunciation,”

“There is no such thing as perfect English accent,” says Yoko. Even native English speakers have a wide range of accents, making it impossible to pinpoint the correct accent.

According to Yoko, English learners in Asia should aim to achieve communicative proficiency rather than wasting their time trying to learn the perfect American English accent.

If you are Japanese (or Korean) this means improving your speech rhythm!

There’s LOTS more information for YOU on this blog. Click on the link below to learn more tips for clear American English communication.

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