My communication skills are holding me back

My communication skills are holding me back

My communication skills are holding me back

My communication skills are holding me back

People who contact me about accent reduction training tell me;

Susan, my communication skills are holding me back. People with less experience and knowledge are getting promoted while I’m still in the same position. I’m ready to make some changes.

You might feel the same way.


And it’s true.

People who communicate clearly and easily with others almost always get ahead.

That’s because they’re able to connect. They’re able to gain the trust of their colleagues.

People who are ready to make changes

People contact me for accent reduction training when they’re tired of being passed over.

They contact me when they’ve started working in a position that involves more verbal communication.

They contact me when they’re preparing for a job interview.

They contact me when they’re preparing for an important presentation.

They contact me when they realize that they won’t have the opportunity to move up in their career unless they improve their communication skills.

The approach

When I first meet someone who wants to communicate more effectively in American English, we meet on Skype to discuss their situation.

The next step

The next step is to determine the level of training that they want.

Personal coaching

People already working in positions that require excellent verbal communication skills usually choose personal coaching. This enables them to get personal, detailed instruction and feedback that they can use immediately.

Online training programs

People working in positions that don’t require extensive verbal communication often choose to take one of my online training programs.

At least to start.

My online training programs provide fundamental training in key American accent skills. They’re relevant and very cost effective.

Accent assessments

People who are curious about exactly why their accent is creating communication challenges frequently choose to get an accent assessment before choosing a course of action.

The accent assessment option is an excellent way to find out what your specific challenges are, and to meet me and get your questions answered.

The most frequent comment

Once people meet me and experience my training, the most frequent comment I hear is:

Susan, I wish I would have known about your training programs earlier. I’ve been trying to learn on my own using books and YouTube videos, but that didn’t work for me.

And I tell them that it’s difficult to change your accent on your own. Most people need detailed feedback and support in order to improve their communication skills.

I also tell them that it’s never too late to make positive changes to the way you speak.

Don’t let your communication skills hold you back

In order to reduce your accent and communicate with confidence, you will need to get specific training.

Listening to a CD or an mp3 file without the insights and guidance of a coach won’t allow you to experience noticeable changes.

People want to understand you

People want to hear what you have to say! Help them do that by starting an accent reduction training program.

Take a look at my training programs. Get the instruction and support that you need.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction & American English communication coach. Contact her at [email protected] if you’d like to meet her for a complementary Skype Q&A session.