Phrases, Pitch & Pauses!

Speak with the right pace using phrases, pitch & pauses

Phrases, pitch & pauses

Why don’t people understand me?

After coaching hundreds of people on the American accent, I want to tell you something really important for speaking with the right pace.

Anyone who wants to improve the way they communicate in American English can use this technique.

Here it is~

When you speak American English you need to:

  1. Speak using relatively short phrases
  2. Use pitch emphasis to highlight the most important word in each phrase
  3. Pause briefly at the end of each phrase

Why should you use phrases, pitch & pauses?

By speaking in shorter phrases you can control the speed of your speech.

You’ll sound more confident and in control when you do this.

When you emphasize the important word in each phrase using pitch emphasis, your listeners will immediately know which words are important.

And when you insert a little pause at the end of a phrase, you’ll give your listeners an opportunity to process what you said.

Sounds easy, right?

The people I work with in my accent reduction coaching programs have had great success using the phrases, pitch & pauses technique. In fact, they tell me:

Now that I’m using this technique, Americans understand me much better

When I use pauses, I feel more in control of my speech

When I speak using phrases and pauses, I feel and sound more confident

I’ve taught the PPP technique to founders, managers, Toastmasters and lecturers.  It’s a technique that everyone can use to speak American English in a manner that sounds clear, professional and engaging.


If you speak too quickly, if you stress every word the same way, and if you don’t insert pauses,  your speech will sound fast and monotonous.

American listeners won’t be able to understand you. They’ll quickly become disinterested in what you’re saying.

You’ve seen this in their faces, right?

Learn to speak using phrases, pitch & pauses

I teach you how to speak American English using stress, pitch & pauses in my American Accent Training for Professionals Courses.

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My courses an excellent way for you to find out how to speak American English with a pace that sounds clear, professional and engaging.

About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.

Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.