Praat Software for Accent Reduction

Accent reduction software

Accent reduction software

Praat Software for Accent Reduction

One supplementary resource that I use with my accent reduction coaching clients is the Praat Language lab software.

How my clients use Praat Software

Most of my clients are working to improve their word clarity by using syllable stress.

The Praat software helps them practice and correct American English syllable stress patterns.

Visualize the stress & reductions

The Praat spectrogram allows my clients (and you) to visualize syllable stress (vowel length & pitch) thus increasing word clarity.

The best words to stress in sentences

Praat also provides practice and feedback for with word stress in sentences.

This is a skill that’s very important for anyone who wants to communicate with a more familiar American melody.

And it’s free!

Praat Language lab software is free (based at my alma mater, the University of Minnesota).

You can start using it right away. Just follow the link below.

Praat Language Lab Software

About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.