Problems with w? Try using contractions!

If your language background is South Asian, Turkish, Russian or German you may be having problems with the American /w/ sound.

We use the /w/ sound a lot in spoken English so it’s an important sound to master.


Using the contracted forms of will and would is an excellent way to shorten your sentences and avoid the /w/ sound.

Here are a few examples for the contracted form of will.

To use this form correctly, add a schwa before the /l/ sound. It should sound like /əl/.

  • it will         it’ll
  • It’ll be great.
  • there will    there’ll
  • There’ll be rain tomorrow.
  • what will    what’ll
  • What’ll it be?

Remember that it’s perfectly OK to use contractions when you speak American English. Native speakers do this all the time.☝

Using contractions is one of the best ways to make your spoken English sound smoother and more natural!

Speaking with contractions and articulating a clear /w/ sound are two strategies that I teach you in my Skype accent reductioncoaching program.