How do you pronounce equivalent?

In my accent reduction coaching program for STEM professionals many of my clients ask me:

How do you pronounce equivalent?

How do you pronounce equivalent?

Susan, how do you pronounce equivalent?

They know they’re not saying equivalent correctly…but they’re not exactly sure what the problem is.

Here’s How To Do It

Here’s how I teach my clients to say equivalent correctly using my special code.

ǝ KWI➝ vǝ lǝnt

Now that might look funny to you, but if were were in my coaching program you’d understand that:

  • ǝ is the unstressed schwa vowel sound that we use in almost every word
  • KWI➝ represents the stressed syllable, of which there’s one in every word

Syllable Stress & Schwa

If you’ve never learned how to use syllable stress and schwa correctly….you’re not going to be able to speak American English clearly.

That’s just a fact.

Some accent reduction courses don’t spend much time on this topic…so be careful about that. If you’re considering a course or program that doesn’t feature syllable stress, find another program.


You can follow this link to learn the importance of syllable stress.

Now…back to equivalent…..

Listen to How I Say Equivalent


Equivalent is a tough word to pronounce. Especially if you learned to say if differently in your country of origin (which many people have).

Understanding how to use syllable stress and schwa will help you learn to say equivalent, equipment, development, and many other multi syllable words in way that Americans will understand.

Learn Speak in a Way that Americans Understand

If you want to learn techniques like I taught you here…techniques like using syllable stress….then check out my American accent training courses.

Make an investment in your communication skills. Start learning today!