Public Speaking for Non Native Speakers

As an accent reduction coach, I often assist non native English speakers deliver professional presentations.

These presentations are typically on topics including: medical research, sales pitches and team building.

Three techniques that I teach my clients for delivering engaging and effective presentations are~

  • How to speak using short clear phrases and sentences ✔
  • How to use pitch to bring your listeners’ attention to the key words in your message ☝
  • How to pace yourself so that you can think, breathe and be easily understood ☼

Here’s what I mean~

Use short, clear sentences

Speaking in short clear sentences is a GIFT for your audience. People don’t want to listen to sentences that go on and on….you know what I mean!

Super long sentences are usually difficult  for listeners to understand, especially if you as the speaker don’t know which words to emphasize and where to pause ⤼

Short sentences & breathing

Pausing ⤼ and taking a short breath after each sentence enables you to slow down your rate of speech. It gives you time to think ahead to the next sentence.

It gives you time to look at your audience….and see if they are “with you”.

Using pauses and breathing can also alleviate anxiety you many have about speaking in front of a group. Proper breathing slows down your heart rate and helps to calm you down.

More tips for improvement

If you are a non native English speaker who is looking for tips and techniques for improving your communication skills and public speaking skills, keep reading the posts here on my blog. There is a lot you can learn here.