Public Speaking for Non Native Speakers

Public Speaking Tips for Non Native Speakers

Many of the strategies that I teach my American accent coaching clients are the same strategies that are used for engaging public speaking.

For example, for both the American accent and engaging public speaking you need to:

  • Speak using clear syllable stress
  • Prepare your material with marks for emphasis, pauses & stops (breathing) ✔
  • Rehearse what you plan to say over & over until it feels natural & automatic ✔

Non native speakers need to pay extra attention to these three strategies when they do public speaking. They need explicit instruction, especially when it comes to pronouncing words clearly.

Talk Like Ted

In my American accent coaching program, I frequently use Carmine Gallo’s book, Talk Like Ted, to teach my clients the rules for speaking clear and engaging American English.

We use both the book and the corresponding TED Talks to focus on:

  • How to make words sound clear using the correct syllable stress
  • How to speak in an engaging manner using phrases, pitch and pauses
  • How to practice the correct pronunciation using meaningful and relevant assignments

American Accent Coaching

If you’re a non native speaker of American English, who is serious about improving your speaking skills, you may want to investigate my coaching program for international professionals.

Coaching is highly customized training that incorporates the terminology that you use in your area of expertise.

  • Engineering (software & mechanical)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Finance

Sessions happen one on one via Skype video.

Share Your Great Ideas

In his book, Talk Like Ted, Carmine Gallo says that if you can’t communicate clearly, you “sabotage” your chance for sharing those ideas.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Find out how American accent coaching can help you show others your full potential.

About the Author

Susan Ryan is an American accent coach and Toastmaster who has earned her CC & ACB awards.

Contact her at for recommendations on how you can communicate your ideas in clear and engaging American English.