Learning Resources

Here’s where you can access all of my American accent courses and programs. All programs include my best strategies & techniques for improving the way you speak American English.

American English Communication for Indians  American English Communication for Indians

My online course, American English Communication for Indians is a self study training course designed to meet the needs of English speakers from South Asia. Each lesson targets a sound or pattern that will help you learn to speak with a more American style. Check out this course here

American Accent Fundamentals iBook

My new interactive iBook, American Accent Fundamentals is now available on Apple’s iBookstore. It contains more than 120 pages packed with interactive features, including videos, slideshows, audios, quizzes, and visual graphics, designed to show you the fundamental rules underlying American speech. Now available for the Apple iPad in 50 countries, its perfect for learning on the go. If you purchase the iBook, you’ll also get the companion Study Guide as my bonus gift to you! Just send an email to susan@confidentvoice.com with your receipt info to claim your complementary 16 page PDF Study Guide. American Accent Fundamentals on the iBookstore


American Accent for IT Professionals

American Accent Training for IT ProfessionalsIf you want to gain more confidence communicating at work, and you’re in the information technology field, then this new program is for you. Featuring tested accent strategies and training based on IT terminology you use everyday

  • Greater Confidence – the great feeling that, yes, you can connect more effectively with your American colleagues because now you have all the tools and support you need to move forward
  • Meaningful Success Models – studying, and learning whats working for successful leaders in your own industry

Check out the IT Professionals course here

One-on-One Accent Coaching Programs

My one-on-one coaching programs are created specifically for professionals who want to accelerate their American communication skills.

My coaching programs feature live online sessions which are custom designed to meet your specific communication needs and goals.

  1. First I analyze your current speech using a customized assessment.
  2. Then we discuss your specific gaps and speaking goals.
  3. Then I work with you one-on-one to help you speak American English in a manner that’s clear, confident and engaging.

During each coaching session I teach you key concepts and techniques you can use to improve. I provide you with very specific critical feedback every step of the way.

If you’re really serious about making noticeable changes to the way you speak American English, my coaching program will enable you do that.

Email me at susan@confidentvoice.com and I’ll send you a PDF with program details and prices.